Let's Make Housing Affordable

Together, we can fight climate change, end the housing crisis, and build a better city — let's make housing affordable in Ottawa!

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Photo of suburban sprawl

Housing Problems…

The cost of purchasing a new home has doubled in the past five years in Ottawa — creating a massive wealth gap between those who own a home, and those who don't. For an entire generation of Canadians, the dream of home ownership may be out of reach forever.

Worse, a lack of investment in deeply affordable housing has led to a massive waitlist for social housing in our city. Our city has declared a homelessness emergency but done very little to build the social housing required to fix it.

As a result, people are moving farther away from the city, sprawling across our province, trying to find a home they can afford. Endless sprawl is driving carbon emissions even higher at the worst possible time.

Photo of a multiplex housing development

Need Housing Solutions!

Our housing platform, The Six Big Moves, is a plan to fix our housing shortage, get more homes built, and make life more affordable in Ottawa.

We believe that housing policy is the key to fighting climate change, ending homelessness, growing our economy, and making life more affordable for everyone.

Our goal is to bring awareness to housing issues, influence politicians and policy makers, and to fix the housing crisis.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to making housing affordable in Ottawa. We do not accept developer donations. Our efforts are driven by a small group of volunteers, but we're always looking for more help.


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