Support Gentle Density — Approve 25 Fair Oaks Crescent!

On November 9, Ottawa city council is debating whether or not they should approve a triplex — a small, three-unit apartment — in the middle of a housing crisis.

City planners have urged council to approve this development — but some city councillors are pushing back and doing everything they can to stop this.

We need to build units like this if we ever want to solve our housing crisis — we can’t let NIMBYs run city politics and we’ve got to fight back!

If you’re ready to build an Ottawa with more missing middle housing, more gentle density, where housing is more affordable for future generations, sign our petition!

Ottawa City Council — Approve 25 Fair Oaks Crescent!

Whereas the proposed development at 25 Fair Oaks Crescent conforms to zoning and parking requirements;

and the by-law amendment under consideration only considers minor changes that are no different than those already received by all other houses in the neighbourhood;

it is located close to a major transit corridor on Woodroffe that has bus traffic at all hours of the day and is near the site of a future LRT station;

it also represents the sort of missing-middle gentle intensification that is important for ending the housing crisis and should be encouraged by city council;

for city council to reject the recommendation of staff and the planning committee would send a signal that even if a project is consistent with city policy and planning, it can be held up by a small minority over insignificant details unrelated to their objections.

We, the undersigned, petition the Ottawa City Council of the City of Ottawa as follows:

To approve the proposed development on 25 Fair Oaks Crescent (Zoning By-law Amendment – 25 Fair Oaks Crescent, Item 16.7 at Meeting #84).


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