Legalize Multiplexes in Ottawa

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WHEREAS… Rents in Ottawa have skyrocketed, most young people have given up on ever owning a home, and our waitlist for affordable housing can be up to 10 years

WHEREAS… Ottawa has set a housing target of 151,000 new homes over 10 years, and we’re barely meeting 30% of that target this year

WHEREAS… The federal and provincial governments have offered the City of Ottawa nearly $300M if we pursue pro-housing policies and meet our housing targets

WHEREAS… Building homes in existing neighbourhoods is one of the most climate-friendly policies a city can pursue, getting cars off our highways, limiting urban sprawl, and promoting transit-oriented development

WHEREAS… Exclusionary zoning is a horrific policy, designed in the 1920s to keep immigrants, renters, and working class families out of certain neighbourhoods

WHEREAS… Legalizing 4 unit multiplexes in Ottawa is the bare minimum we can do to move towards ending exclusionary zoning, and would help promote missing middle housing across Ottawa

WHEREAS… We will immediately lose out on $150M or more from the federal government if we do not take this step, at a time where the City of Ottawa desperately needs more funding

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Ottawa moves to legalize 4-unit multiplexes city wide immediately.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT the City of Ottawa makes it easier to build multiplexes by reducing or eliminating parking requirements, height restrictions, floor space index requirements, setback requirements, design requirements, and other restrictive rules that make it difficult to build missing-middle housing.


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