Make Housing Affordable Appoints Brandon Bay to Chair its Board of Directors

OTTAWA, Ontario – Make Housing Affordable is pleased to announce that it has appointed Brandon Bay as its new board Chair, effective immediately.

In addition to his experience on non-profit and academic boards, Brandon Bay was a mayoral candidate in the last election. He impressed Make Housing Affordable with his ability to articulate the importance and urgency of the housing crisis, and with the solutions he proposed to it. MHA founder Dean Tester said on Twitter during the election campaign,

“Brandon has the best housing platform in the race, and has done an exceptional job building a comprehensive platform and deep understanding of city politics, despite being a complete outsider without experience at City Hall.

“Brandon was the first candidate to meet with [Make Housing Affordable] and even attended one of our meet ups. He’s a big supporter of our work, and I’m a big fan of his. I hope he’ll stick around after the election and keep working in city politics — we need more people like him involved!”

Brandon Bay issued this statement on his appointment:

“I am very excited to announce that I have joined the board of directors of Make Housing Affordable as its new Chair. Since my campaign ended, I have sought ways to continue to pursue the goals that made up my platform. MHA’s mission and advocacy aligns extremely well with my goals for housing affordability. I look forward to this new role and to what we will do together.”

Also joining Dean Tester and Grant Dingwall on the MHA Board are Dan Carpenter, Leigh Honeywell, and Joseph Ostrovsky.


About Make Housing Affordable:

Make Housing Affordable is a pro-housing advocacy group in Ottawa. We believe that housing is one of the most important issues of our generation, and we’re incredibly frustrated by inaction from all levels of government. We believe there is a housing crisis in Canada, and politicians are making it worse — and we need to stand up and fight back if we want to make things better. Our goal is to change housing policies at all levels of government, to get more housing built, and to Make Housing Affordable.


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