Mayor — Mark Sutcliffe

Rating — Green

Mark Sutcliffe has positioned himself as a champion for building more housing, and was the first to announce that he would meet the target of 100,000 homes. He has committed to implementing five of our Six Big Moves on Housing, and we’ve had several productive discussions with Mark and his team.

We do have some concerns about comments Mark made about not wanting to end exclusionary R1 zoning. We found his comments on R1 zoning to be highly divisive and run counter to the principles he laid out in his plan. This is a major red flag for us and our team of volunteers had a serious debate about whether or not Mark deserved a green rating or not.

Ultimately, as a whole, we are very happy with Mark’s other housing commitments and the very positive commitments he put forward to tackle the housing crisis. We think he would be a great mayor who would help work to make housing affordable, and we will work to convince him to end exclusionary R1 zoning after the election, if he is successful.


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