Mayor — Mike Maguire

Our Rating — Red

Mike responded with a clear “yes” only to more public input on consultations and responded no or was unclear about the remaining questions. Mike stated that he is open to removing barriers to new construction, including minimum parking requirements. As an alternative to public housing, Mike proposed a subsidy that would allow individuals the flexibility to find their own housing. However, Mike seems uncertain about increased density and does not support an end to R1 zoning (exclusive zoning for single family homes) that reduces our housing supply.

Survey Response

Q1: Yes I support reforms to streamline zoning. The 15 minute walkable neighbourhood is interesting, I’m not sure how realistic it is. Many people don’t want to live in high-density locations. As for building the missing middle housing – yes – by building I presume you mean using Planning/Zoning/Permitting to encourage such construction (then yes, I support this).

Q2: I neither support nor don’t support the target – the presumptions about our housing needs are based on dated models and I have some challenges with the predictions. It seems far more likely that Remote Work will significantly change Ottawa’s housing needs in ways we don’t yet understand.

Q3: Yes – I’m all in favour of more public input.

Q4: I’m open to this suggestion. Recognizing that Ottawa has to fix the unfortunate public transit challenges we have.

Q5: No. Remove the barriers to new residential construction while using Planning and Zoning to fix this problem.

Q6: No. No more investment in housing until there is a concrete plan to address the 100’s of millions necessary to fix the present social housing stock. Instead, I propose a portable rent subsidy for qualified individuals so they can find their own accommodations. It’s faster, less expensive, more flexible and treats the needy with greater dignity.

Q7: No. Everywhere this has been tried has resulted in a reduction in quality of life and congestion. Let’s fix this by repairing our broken public transit and making it possible for people to easily move around the City.


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