Ward 02 — Laura Dudas

Our Rating — Yellow

Laura did not respond to our survey and seems unwilling to even acknowledge housing affordability as an issue. Laura’s campaign platform lists “Affordable Living” as a key tenet, yet this pledge speaks only to keeping taxes low. In fact, Laura’s website does not have a single reference to housing. In candidate surveys and debates, Laura only broaches the topic of housing when forced to discuss it. When asked about her vision for intensification in the city and her ward, Laura appears to only support density in the core and near transit. At the same time, she uses the discussion about housing as an opportunity to project herself as someone who will fight developers.

In a candidate survey with CBC, Laura replied that she does not believe developers have a role in the discussion around how and where Ottawa grows. During a ward candidate debate, Laura also touted her opposition to a nine-storey building in ward as a reason to vote for her.

When confronted with the topic of housing, it is obvious that Laura understands the gravity of our current moment. She does support increasing stock of deeply-affordable housing and Inclusionary Zoning.

Taking a full view of Laura’s positions on housing it’s likely she would engage in the discussions we want to have, but will be someone that needs to be convinced. As an incumbent with plenty of exposure to housing conversation and a growing ward, Laura has a real opportunity to be an advocate.


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