Ward 07 — Robert Hill

Our Rating — Green

Robert answered yes to each of the questions and elaborated to demonstrate his understanding of housing affordability issues. Robert believes that we should remove unnecessary obstacles in the way of constructing new homes and walkable neighbourhoods. Robert responded that we will likely need more than 100 000 new homes, far higher than the city’s plan to reach 75 000 in ten years. We support Robert Hill as a strong pro-housing candidate in Ward 7 – Bay.

Survey Response

Thank you so much for fighting for such an important cause, See my responses below.

Q1: Do you support reforms that would make our zoning policies more simple, permissive, with an explicit goal of fixing our housing shortage, creating 15 minute walkable neighbourhoods, and building missing middle housing city-wide?

Absolutely, Housing is an incredibly important issue that we are facing in this city, We must review all of our policies when it comes to zoning and approvals of projects to ensure that we are removing the unnecessary hurdles that are faced when it comes to building more homes and these 15 minute walkable neighbourhoods. Walkable neighbourhoods with many affordable homes not only helps when it comes to the housing crisis but also helps with our environmental crisis by taking more vehicles off the road with the necessities being reachable by foot.

Q2: Do you support a target of 100,000 new homes in Ottawa in the next 10 years? This is the number that leading housing economists agree we need to build in order to restore housing affordability in our city. Our current Official Plan target is just 75,000 — far short of where we need to be.

To be honest Dean, I think even at 100,000 this number is low. I would love to see an even higher number in the area of 125-150k+ homes being built with a large number of that being dedicated to affordable housing units.

Q3: Do you agree we need to fix public consultations so that more voices are heard, and so they consider the benefits of projects to the people who will live in new homes — not just existing homeowners?

Public consultation and community involvement in decision making is such a high priority on my list, I want the community to have the opportunity to speak up and give their opinions on things that they will be directly impacted by such as housing development so yes, I agree completely.

Q4: Do you support ending mandatory parking minimums for new developments so that builders can decide if they want to build transit-friendly communities around transit stations?

Absolutely, If we can dedicate more space to housing then we should be doing so. Once we get our transit system to a point of being fully functional and reliable, There will be no reason you cannot get from point A to point B via our transit system and not necessarily needing a vehicle.

Q5: Do you support a win-win inclusionary zoning plan that asks developers to include affordable housing in their developments, in exchange for lower fees, faster approvals, or more density?

Although I do not believe we should have to offer any sort of incentive to add additional affordable housing, I would be on board with an initiative such as this for approving reputable and well prepared zoning plans with affordable housing at the forefront of the plan.

Q6: Will you ask the next Mayor and Council to invest in building deeply affordable housing in your ward and take a leadership role in reducing waitlists and repair backlogs for social housing across the city?

Absolutely, My ward has many residents that are immensely concerned with the rising cost of living and limited access to affordable housing, I will fight for this and I will rise at council meetings pushing my colleagues to invest in this city wide. Housing is a basic human right and we cannot continue to push this aside. We must fight for affordable housing and ensuring that every single resident has a roof over their heads and don’t have to choose between a roof over their heads or putting food on the table. I will most definitely take a leadership role on this and will not settle for anything less than positive action.

Q7: Do you support ending exclusionary R1 zoning rules that keep renters, students, and working class families out of neighbourhoods in the name of “protecting neighbourhood character”?

Absolutely, We cannot continue to divide our residents based on their classifications. We are at a point in time that uniting and bringing everyone together is incredibly important and we must make this zoning change immediately. Affordable and well maintained housing is key and we need to look anywhere and everywhere in this city to house our residents, No matter what the neighbourhood character may be.


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