Ward 18 — Angelo Gino Scaffidi

Our Rating — Yellow

Although Angelo supported some of our promises, we are unclear as to why he cited Bob Chiarelli’s comments on exclusionary zoning. We would need further clarification to give Angelo a higher rating.

Survey Responses

Q1: Do you support reforms that would make our zoning policies more simple, permissive, with an explicit goal of fixing our housing shortage, creating 15 minute walkable neighbourhoods, and building missing middle housing city-wide?


Q2: Do you support a target of 100,000 new homes in Ottawa in the next 10 years? This is the number that leading housing economists agree we need to build in order to restore housing affordability in our city. Our current Official Plan target is just 75,000 — far short of where we need to be.


Q3: Do you agree we need to fix public consultations so that more voices are heard, and so they consider the benefits of projects to the people who will live in new homes — not just existing homeowners?

Yes …….. public consultations absolutely essential

Q4: Do you support ending mandatory parking minimums for new developments so that builders can decide if they want to build transit-friendly communities around transit stations?

Yes ….

Q5: Do you support a win-win inclusionary zoning plan that asks developers to include affordable housing in their developments, in exchange for lower fees, faster approvals, or more density?

Plan must be a win win scenario without creating any disadvantage to any demographic group

Q6: Will you ask the next Mayor and Council to invest in building deeply affordable housing in your ward and take a leadership role in reducing waitlists and repair backlogs for social housing across the city?

Chiarelli expresses views that address the potential downside consequences to present day homeowners in R1 zoning , hence the need for a comprehensive / intelligent study and analysis , in order to achieve solutions that are proportionately fair to the overall taxpayer base.


“Most single-family neighbourhoods were sold to owners on the promise that the city’s single-detached (R1) zoning would protect that character,” said Chiarelli in a news release. “Now it’s bait-and-switch. It double-crosses every owner who invested their life savings to live in such a neighbourhood.”

Q7: Do you support ending exclusionary R1 zoning rules that keep renters, students, and working class families out of neighbourhoods in the name of “protecting neighbourhood character”?

Plan must be a win win scenario without creating any disadvantage to any demographic group


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