Ward 19 — Yvette Ashiri

Our Rating: Green Light

We have not met with Yvette Ashiri, but we were very impressed by their responses to our survey.

They clearly supported us on 6 out of 7 questions. They did not provide a clear answer on ending exclusionary R1 zoning rules, but otherwise, Yvette seems very well aligned with our platform.

We are confident that Yvette Ashiri will work to make housing affordable as a councillor.

Survey Responses

Q1: Do you support reforms that would make our zoning policies more simple, permissive, with an explicit goal of fixing our housing shortage, creating 15 minute walkable neighbourhoods, and building missing middle housing city-wide?

Absolutely! I look forward to working with different housing advocacy groups to make this a reality. It’s so important to ensure that neighbourhoods are accessible and easy to get around for everyone. I also believe it’s important to ensure zoning policies are reviewed and modernised regularly so we can make sure our housing policies are meeting the needs of our community. Housing has become extremely inaccessible very quickly and city council needs to make it a priority to fix our housing crisis.

Q2: Do you support a target of 100,000 new homes in Ottawa in the next 10 years? This is the number that leading housing economists agree we need to build in order to restore housing affordability in our city. Our current Official Plan target is just 75,000 — far short of where we need to be.

Yes. We have a sincere lack of affordable homes and families deserve better. I am committed to expanding access to affordable homes responsibly.

Q3: Do you agree we need to fix public consultations so that more voices are heard, and so they consider the benefits of projects to the people who will live in new homes — not just existing homeowners?

Absolutely yes. In fact, this is the core of my platform and the reason I am running for city council. The slogan for my campaign is “Together”. Together, as a community, wonderful things can happen. No one should be left out of the conversation, which is why I believe in as much community input as possible and improved public consultation. I want to serve the people of Orleans South-Navan and in order to do that, I need to hear from them.

Q4: Do you support ending mandatory parking minimums for new developments so that builders can decide if they want to build transit-friendly communities around transit stations?

Yes I do! These parking minimums are out-dated. Many people cannot afford a car and take public transit daily, therefore we should make it more accessible for everyone to use. I strongly believe we should invest more in our transit system, and building communities that are accessible via all modes of transport and all income levels.

Q5: Do you support a win-win inclusionary zoning plan that asks developers to include affordable housing in their developments, in exchange for lower fees, faster approvals, or more density?

Absolutely, yes! Inclusionary zoning is essential and needs to be incentivized. When we make ethical, inclusive practices profitable, they become bigger parts of our communities. Having more development in Ottawa is a positive thing as long as everyone can be included, not just people who can afford $700k homes.

Q6: Will you ask the next Mayor and Council to invest in building deeply affordable housing in your ward and take a leadership role in reducing waitlists and repair backlogs for social housing across the city?

I look forward to working with the next Mayor, Council, and housing advocacy groups to ensure Orleans South-Navan has safe, affordable social housing. I believe that we can all come up with solutions to make social housing a reality here so everyone feels welcome and excited to come to Orleans South-Navan.

Q7: Do you support ending exclusionary R1 zoning rules that keep renters, students, and working class families out of neighbourhoods in the name of “protecting neighbourhood character”?

As mentioned earlier, everyone should feel welcomed and safe in our community no matter who you are. My number one priority is to bring our community together and reestablish trust in the community by making it more vibrant and inclusive. The number one way to do this is by fostering and appreciating our growing diversity. Orleans South-Navan is a beautiful, growing community and I want everyone who lives here to feel like they found their home- no matter their identity


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